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The Life and Death of Peter Sellers

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That's it. Confessions of a Filmoholic is no more. It's an ex-blog. There are several reasons for that - I'm going to be pretty busy for the next couple of weeks, and rather won't have time to write, I'm also struggling for ideas what to write about. And, last but not least, I seem to be the only person who reads it. I even can't get my friends interested. But, just in case I'm wrong, and there actually is somebody who reads my scribble, there is one more film I want to tell you about. The Life and Death of Peter Sellers tells a story of, well, I think it's quite easy too guess by only looking at the title. For those who don't know, Peter Sellers was one of the best actor of the 1970's, famous for his chameleon-like thespian skills, mostly known for the original Pink Panther series, where he played the clumsy inspector Clouseau. And that was his problem, since he sought recognition for his more serious work. Or, at least that is what the creators of this biographical movie claim. No matter if true or not, The Life and Death... is a very insightful attempt of depicting a difficult personality with serious emotional issues. Also, it is a must-see for a cinephile, since people like Stanley Kubrick or Blake Edwards play an important role in the plot. Unfortunately, people who are not into the history of film may be a little bored. But what I liked the most the movie is, that it doesn't give you any straight answers, most notably to the question if Peter Sellers was a genius, or only wanted others to think he was. And let me finish my last post with this mystery unsolved.

(I might be back)


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