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Frequently asked questions about time travel

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I am really running out of ideas what to write about. Not a very good sign after two months of active blogging. The thing is, why should I write about films everybody likes? If they have read 673 positive reviews of, let's say Lord Of The Rings, why would they enjoy reading 674th? And opposite - does anyone need convincing, that Alien Vs Predator is crap? I don't think so. So how about a few words about a not-too-bad, (but at the same time not-too-special) little film, hardly anybody had a chance to watch? Like Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel - a quirky science-fiction comedy about a bunch of guys who find a time-hole in the gents' at a pub. It is quite smartly written, the plot is pretty engaging, the jokes are hit and miss and there are 7 actors in it. Really. Plus extras. Not a waste of time then, but if I didn't see it for free, I'd say it's a waste of money. To end this kind of pointless review: bare in mind, that if you are a SF fan, you can add an extra point to the score below.


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