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Right, who watched Watchmen? It is a peculiar beast. Last night I saw it for the second time and I still can't make up my mind what to think about it. The problem is, that just before the film came out, I read the comic book it is based on, and believe me, it is brilliant. If Zack '300' Snyder's movie was disappointing, writing about it would be an easy task. Luckily it is not. What I like about it is how dark it is - bloody and brutal - a thing you rarely see in a summer blockbuster. It is also serious, taking on poignant moral issues, with an ambivalent ending. You can't do anything but admire the filmmakers' courage - they actually spent $130m to show us this disturbing psychological drama. Also, kudos to the writing team, who managed to transform the complicated graphic novel into a more-or-less coherent movie. So, what is my problem? Well, the film is TOO faithful to its literary source, both on the visual level and plot-wise. It is so stylised you can't really engage with the characters and if you had read the book, there isn't anything that you wouldn't expect. Also, you miss 'I wonder how they showed...' feeling, typical for other adaptations, just because everything looks identically as in the graphic novel. I hope you understand why I wish I hadn't read the book before I watched the film - I guess I would have liked it more then.


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