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American Psycho

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OK, enough of the cheerful, welcome back the dark. I am not really keen on Christian Bale as an actor, he seems a bit bland, but I really admire his career choices, with more or less all of his movies making it to the top of my favorites' list. Same thing about American Psycho. Well, this is really weird stuff - a story of an annoyingly self-obsessed successful yuppie during the day, turning into a serial killer at night. Oh, and it's a comedy. Definitely not for everyone's sensitivity (and recommended only for those with strong stomachs - it can be pretty gruesome), but if one 'gets it' this can be a unforgettable experience. Also on the good side there is Bale's performance. I still sustain my opinion about him, but here he somehow managed to make this extremely putting-off character almost likable. The only problem I have with the movie is the ambiguous ending. Of course this is not really a huge disadvantage (it makes you do something other films rarely do - think) but it makes the movie less accessible. Not an easy entertainment, but something truly unique at the same time.


  1. Vassago

    This is another of our fave films - and you really should read the book if you want to get into the character's mind. All the stuff he says about Huey Lewis and Genesis are seperate chapters in their own right - little stream of consciousness articles that are a nice break from the narrative rather than an interruption.

    Unlike P, we like Christian Bale as an actor, in particular this film, as Batman, and in Equilibrium.

    There is a "sequel" featuring Mila Kunis as a college girl which totally misses the point of the book and the film, but is actually quite fun in spite of it!

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