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Star Trek

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I can't understand the hype around the latest Star Trek film. I've never been a fan of the series, but since I kept reading that this outing is more accessible and not for 'trekkies', I thought I'd give it a go. I rather love science fiction and hearing that the director had made the movie Star Wars-style I was expecting quite a good fun. It was not. The film is pretty dull, feels somehow forced – it lacks the lightness of some of the best SF. The plot is just weird, its main subject being time-travel. There would be nothing wrong about it if it didn't seem to be introduced for a sole purpose of finding a way to squeeze Leonard Nimoy (playing one of the characters in the original TV show, which takes place years after the events in the movie) into it. On the good sides though it is only fair to mention how well it is made. The special effects are impeccable, the action is dynamic, the actors are doing their best. And it's got Simon Pegg in it too. It is not a complete disaster, but think twice before you spend a bit of your precious time watching it.


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