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Southland Tales

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Now I need to tell you about a film that was undeservedly bashed by the critics. And why did that happen? Apparently everyone was expecting from the director Richard Kelly another Donnie Darko, a dark, teenage drama with a hint of 1980s nostalgia and science-fiction motifs. And Southland Tales is anything but (well, maybe apart from SF, which is still present). What I think people didn't get is the film's tongue-in-cheek quality - when not taken serious it is actually very funny. And also very clever - there is literally a dozen of characters and Kelly's imagination does not know any boundaries. There are so many mad ideas, you could share them between at least five other inventive movies. Funnily enough the film's strength is also it's biggest weakness. As you can imagine the number of characters as well as of the subjects the director brings up make the whole enterprise a bit confusing. It is not really hard to follow, but at times requires a lot of attention. Also, I didn't 'get' the ending. Concluding - a pleasure to watch, a nightmare to understand. Not as bad as they say.


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