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Kick-Ass was the film I saw most recently in cinema. Before it started I more or less knew what to expect - a teenage comedy about the real-life superheroes - something like Juno meets Watchmen. By the end of the movie I already knew that what I got was a cross between Burton's Batmans, Pulp Fiction and Snatch. Which is a pretty powerful mix. The whole film is very violent, bloody, quite immoral and simply hilarious. I loved it. The biggest advantage of Kick-Ass over the recent (anti)super-hero movies is it's originality and 'freshness'. There are some unexpected plot-twists and the whole thing feels like it was an enormous amount of fun to make it. The film is very dynamic and somehow very genuine - you can really tell that everybody enjoyed being a part of it. Long story short - because of it's violence and a swearing 11-year old girl not everyone will dig it, but if you are a weirdo like myself, do not hesitate and watch it immediately.


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