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Cinema Paradiso

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And now for something completely... foreign: Cinema Paradiso – a small masterpiece from Giuseppe Tornatore, a modern Italian genius. Italy has never been shy of talented directors, enough to mention the likes of Bernardo Bertolucci or Michalangelo Antonioni, but there is something special about his films, Cinema Paradiso being his best achievement so far. It is a story of Toto, a boy growing up in a small town, discovering the delights of love to both movies and girls. Many others have been telling similar stories about coming of age in the place of their childhood, those nostalgic and romantic stories of long-lost innocence, but hardly anybody (apart from Federico Fellini in Amarcord, from which Cinema... borrows a few scenes and motives) does that with so much charm as Mr Tornatore. It may seem boring when read, but believe me this is one of the most touching and funny movies you'll ever see.


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