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I have just finished watching a proper B-movie, which was actually quite good so I wanted to share my experience. It's called Slither, and although it is pretty new (shot in 2006) and apparently got some enthusiastic reviews from the major critics, I haven't heard about it until recently. The DVD cover claims it is 'the best horror comedy since Shaun of the Dead' which is not fully true, but they've got a point. To be honest it is not nearly half as funny as Shaun..., but for sure is much scarier, still being able to bring a few genuine laughs. Slither tells a well-known story of an alien body-snatchers invading a small American town. It is not at all original, which, surprisingly is not is it's drawback – you can still have fun spotting which scene is a reference to other movies. Some motives are quite imaginative too, as well as are the special effects. All in all it is a good, light entertainment if you like horror films.


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