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Blue Velvet

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Great actors can't be around forever. Sometimes they die. If this happens, they don't make new films anymore, which is a shame, but it's not really their fault. At least the ones in which they've already acted will stay with us. Like Blue Velvet in Dennis Hopper's case. He was great in a few other movies too, but in this particular one he was completely magnificent - sad, terrifying, engaging and full of passion. Exactly the same can be told about the film itself - a flawless take on the dark side of a human soul performed by the master of such trips - David Lynch. If you are the director's fan already I don't have to convince you, but if you haven't seen any of his works - or saw the likes of Mulholland Drive and didn't 'get' them - please, give Blue Velvet a go. It is pure cinematic perfection.


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