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Away We Go

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I haven't seen a really great film for weeks. Until yesterday that is. Do you know this feeling, when you really yearn for a great movie for a long time, and when it finally comes you just want to tell everybody how great it is, scream even, since they have probably never heard about it and you can't simply cope with the notion they are missing a fantastic experience? Well, I do. So let me scream: Away We Go!!! The latest effort of Sam Mendes, the guy who brought us (among others) American Beauty and even more depressing Revolutionary Road, is a... uplifting comedy. Quite poignant, pretty realistic, a bit melancholic, but very, and I mean very, funny. Most of the film's humor comes from perfect performances of the whole cast and the direction is impeccable - Mr Mendes is for sure one of the most talented filmmakers alive. Not only it makes you laugh, but also makes you think as any film about love, relationships, family and meaning of it all should. Trust me on this one and please watch it. Soon.


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