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Stephen King's It

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A bit of nostalgia. Yesterday I watched a film I used to absolutely love as a kid. I found it really scary then, but recently I heard opinions it was not that good, so I was a bit worried if I would like it now at all. Fortunately, Stephen King's It is not too disappointing. If you, like me, have really fond memories about this movie I can assure you it is still worth to spend full three hours in Derry, Maine, trying to find a way to kill the evil clown, Pennywise. It is pretty well acted, and if not terrifying, it still has threatening atmosphere. The best thing about the film is Tim Curry's portrayal of the malevolent jester, both scary and funny. What aged badly though are the cheap special effects, which rather will make you laugh than shiver. But if you are looking for an old-school B-movie, especially if you saw it ages ago, it won't be a waste of time.


  1. Vassago

    When this book came out it was technically King's longest book to date at around 1200 pages (The Stand had been cut to 800 from it's original 1400 in it's 1980 release, the 1990 version was uncut).

    "King's biggest and most ambitious book to date must also be regarded as his most memorable" was the tag and Kind dedicated it to his 3 children with the line "the magic exists".

    The cast, both the children and their adult versions, capture the characters perfectly, and Tim Curry is outstanding as Pennywise.

    Well worth another viewing.

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