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Yesterday I saw Inception. Even though it was pretty good, I don't feel I'm ready to review it yet. I simply didn't understand it in full, so I'll write about it when I see it again. Until then, let me tell you about the film, it is very similar to. Some say it would be Matrix, some mention Memento, but the movie that resembles Inception most, so much that even feels sometimes like its derivative, is David Cronenberg's EXistenZ. Surely, this director made better movies before (The Fly) and after (History of Violence), but this one is also worth looking at. If you are keen on stories in which reality merges with fantasy to the point you can't tell one from the other and enjoy the lurk into somewhat sick mind of one of the most original filmmakers of our time, which is populated by his favourite 'organic machines' (like a gun made of bones, shooting tooth-bullets), this one is just for you. And if you've seen Inception too, you will see that I'm right.


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