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Eden Lake

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Social dramas made by British directors are amazing - take fantastic works of, let's say, Mike Leigh, for example Secrets and Lies. Their horrors are decent too, enough to mention aptly named Descent. The film that combines these two genres in quite a good manner is Eden Lake from James Watkins - a very tense story of a couple terrorised by a bunch of immoral teenagers. What is really good about is its unpredictability, the director plays with the viewers' expectations, and it's sometimes hard to say, what is coming next. It is well acted too, especially the kids seem both realistic and terrifying. Unfortunately, it has one major flaw - massive plot holes. Let me give you an example - when the protagonists' car is stolen from their beach-camp, what do they do? They go to look for it LEAVING ALL THEIR STUFF BEHIND (including the tent and diving equipment)! Oh, come on. If the film wasn't so underwritten, it would be really unmissably great. Now, it's only good.


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