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Spirited Away

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I am quite a big fan of Japanese animation. I am also aware, that many people are not. Some think it is too childish, telling stories about giant robots or talking wolves. Others - opposite - say that a cartoon is not the right medium to deal with serious subjects many of the so called 'animes' undertake. The truth, as usually, lies somewhere in the middle. Take Spirited Away , one of, if not the greatest example of the fore-mentioned art. It is played like a proper fairytale, with witches, dragons and so on. But don't let this ostensible simplicity deceive you - the film is twisting the popular motifs in the most unexpected ways - by the end you will realize, that hardly anything (and anybody) was what they seemed to be. The movie is also a feast for the eyes - you can't help but admire Mr. Miyazaki's vast imagination. The only issue is that, the plot gets a bit confusing towards the end, but it can't spoil the whole experience anyhow, which is near faultless. For the kids inside all of us.


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