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Hello again! How about some avant-garde? Yesterday, I had a big pleasure to watch something called Koyaanisqatsi . I say 'something', not 'film' or 'movie' for a reason. Calling it a film is a bit like saying that Hieronymus Bosch's Triptych is a comic book - they have some features in common, but they are quite different beasts. So what does distinguish Koyaanisqatsi from a typical cinematic experience? Well, it doesn't have plot as such - it is a stream of beautiful pictures of both natural and human-created environments, aided by an amazing score from Philip Glass. And that is pretty much it. But, believe it or not (I guess you won't - I wouldn't if I didn't see it myself), it is fascinating - one really can't put their eyes off of screen. In the end, I have a real problem how to rate this 'thing'. I can imagine it is not for everyone's taste, but if you are, like me, a person willing to experience something new now and again, try this one out absolutely.


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    Koyaanisqatsi is amazing! I can't stop listening to Glass's theme. It's disturbing, but somehow also comforting. The music makes me feel like I know that something is wrong, but that it's too big for me as an individual to deal with (those organ passages - too beautiful). The deep basso voices are comforting (warm) but at the same time foreboding. The music and the film beg for a response from us (humanity).

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