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A little warning. Most of the time the only thing I care about when choosing a film to watch is the name of the director. Usually good directors make good films. Usually... Clint Eastwood more than often makes a great movie - Unforgiven, Million Dollar Baby are pretty close to being masterpieces. But once he cheated by making a film that pretended to be quite an achievement but, in fact, was dreadful. I'm talking about Changeling. It is all beautifully shot, well acted, it even is reasonably written, with believable characters and a proper plot twist, but it is no good. The problem is, you do not care about what is going on on the screen for a moment. To be honest I can't name the reasons for that, all the elements seem to fit, but the movie as a whole makes an impression of being calculated - cold and heartless. Which makes it utterly boring. Avoid then.


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