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Thank You for Smoking is the first film from Jason Reitman, the creator of Juno and Up in the Air. Duel is the first film from Steven Spielberg, the creator... Well, I don't think the introduction is necessary in this case. But is everybody familiar with this particular movie? It was television feature shot in 12 days, by then-unknown young director and it showed so good it earned a proper cinematic release. But is it any good now? Can a 40-year old, shot for pennies film, about an evil truck-driver (we don't get to see) who is trying to ride over the main character (for most of the time the only actor on screen) be still watchable? Oh yes, it can. And more, it's gripping and exciting for most of the time, feels almost like a Hitchcock movie. The way the action scenes are shot is pure perfection, the actors are great too and it's also got fantastic score. Duel is not without it's minor flaws (some of the chases get a bit boring after a while), but it most definitely is a small masterpiece.


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