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Paranormal Activity

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And now for something completely dreadful. I must confess I am a great fan of all those points and stars given to films by the critics. I just can't afford to spend my precious time watching some crap and tend to trust professionals. So, when I wanted to watch a good horror movie at the cinema the other day, I chose Paranormal Activity, which got a raving, 5-stars review in Empire. I can't describe the disappointment I experienced. The film is terrible. It is boring and not scary at all, apart from the last scenes (which I had seen in the trailer before anyway). Don't get me wrong, I wasn't expecting any gore or fast-paced action, a remotely entertaining plot, which could sustain tension would be enough. Of course I have seen worse films (still, not a lot of them), but the difference between my expectations and what I got has never been so big. Empire finally understood their mistake and in the dvd review they gave Paranormal Activity 3 stars. Still too many.


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