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Thank You for Smoking

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Juno is a great film. It is also pretty popular, so, I guess there is no need to convince anybody about it's values. But how many of you have heard about Jason Reitman's debut feature, called Thank You for Smoking? It might not be as good as his next film, Juno, but it quite different. First of all, for the most of the time it is immoral. The main character is the spokesman for tobacco companies, whose job generally is to try and convince people, that smoking is good for them. It all is quite wittily written, being a hilarious sharp satire on the absurdities of the Western societies. Unfortunately the film drags a bit in the middle, also the relationship between the main character and his son sometimes just doesn't ring true. Summarizing, it is good, smart entrainment, and it's flaws cannot make you feel disappointed.


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