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My Summer of Love

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Ok, so I just have written about three comedy films in a row? I guess you can tell that summer is finally here. But enough of that cheerful rubbish, back to the proper, depressing stuff. I am in my mother country at the moment, so how about a review of a Polish film? Unfortunately, the vast majority of them are impossible to get outside Poland (which is a shame, because there is quite a few, that are worth getting to know), so I'm forced to write about something more accessible, which means it will only be remotely Polish. Something like a film shot by a Polish director living abroad. With it being this season of the year, I choose My Summer of Love by Pawel Pawlikowski - a beautiful story of a friendship (and more) between two teenage girls, based in the ever-sunny (at least on film) English countryside. This coming-of-age drama is thoroughly gripping, being at times funny, at times touching, always melancholic and asking serious questions about the meaning of relationships, religion, honesty. It's truly one of the best films of the last decade.


  1. Vassago

    OK, first things first this has a teenaged Emily Blunt getting naked in one scene, albeit is subtle, topless in another, and doing lesbian stuff - first reason to watch it.

    But beyond that the next level is that it is a thoughtful and insightful story, with important questions, as P says. Makes you think, and that goes on long after the film ends.

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