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Son of Rambow

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My latest discovery: last night I watched Son of Rambow, an unexpectedly good film, considering the silence around it. I really think that hardly anybody has seen it yet, but it shouldn't be the case – it deserves a wide recognition. I find it quite hard to write anything, that could encourage you to watch it – if I tell you, that it is a story of a two ten-year olds trying to make a movie based on First Blood (the first Rambo film), who become friends along the way, it sounds boring at least. But trust me, Son of Rambow is pretty unpredictable. It is very clever and funny, the boys are amazing actors and the film's inventiveness reminds me somehow of the Wallace&Gromit outings. The only thing I didn't quite like was the sentimental ending. Still, give it a go – a very refreshing experience.


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