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Monty Python's Life of Brian

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A few days ago I wrote about the 'scariest film ever made'. Since that post didn't get any nasty comments, I guess everybody agreed with my choice. Either this, or the fact that nobody read it. Still, me being a born optimist (ha!), I believe most of my readers share my cinematic views. If not - let me tease you a bit more. It is time for the funniest film ever made! This has to be Monty Python's Life of Brian - a movie, that seen some 20 times still makes me cry with laughter. There's not really much point in writing about it - if you love the Pythons you've already seen and loved this film too, if you hate them you won't be bothered watching it. If you have just come back from a 40-year trip to Mars, let me tell you it is their most accessible work (by that I mean it has an actual plot), and sometimes it might be a bit offensive (but it is also a part of it's charm). It also features quite a few very accurate observations on the mechanisms of society. Oh, and by the way: Life of Brian is absolutely hilarious.


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