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Battle Royale

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Me again. It's been a while since I last wrote, but I was pretty busy while on holiday. So busy in fact, that I haven't watched any film for the last two weeks. Until yesterday, that is. Yesterday I saw Battle Royale - a film I had been chasing for quite a long while, but I couldn't find a reasonably priced copy anywhere, until I visited a DVD store in Poland, where I got it for equivalent of £5. I had rather high expectations regarding the film, having read a lot of positive reviews, but I must say I was slightly disappointed. The story itself is great - in the nearest future, in order to both rid the society of potential criminals and entertain the public, a group of kids from the naughtiest class is picked every year to be locked away on a remote island and told to kill each other until there is only one winner left. The premise of the film is very fresh, doesn't have a 'Hollywood' feel. The execution is not bad as well - all is very dynamic, funny, and really, really violent. But there is something missing. Be it lack of acting skills in some of the children, or a predicable ending, but this is not the masterpiece I wanted it to be.


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