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Stranger than Fiction

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Does anyone here like Will Ferrell? I must say he is not my favorite actor, or rather that I am not too keen on most of the films he stars in. I just don't find them very funny (maybe apart from Anchorman). Still, there is one movie which is different than the ones he is best known for, and this one I love. It's called Stranger than Fiction and, apart from Mr. Ferrell, it features Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson, two of the acting geniuses. The story is pretty clever and original, mixing science fiction with comedy and love story in quite an unexpected way. If you have come across a Stranger than Fiction copy before, but were afraid to watch it, expecting another Talladega Nights – style movie, go back to where you saw it and give it a go. It's pretty good.


  1. matros

    Thanks again for showing me this movie :) I really enjoyed watching it... again. "Little did I know" of Will Ferrell and though he might not be in my top 10 of actors, he was perfect as Harold Crick. I love the way reality blends with fiction in this movie and the intelligent sense of humour throughout the story ("I bought you flours" still gets me :) )

  1. pantherion

    Yes! But how come hardly anybody heard about it? You're the first person I'd know that has seen it, apart from the ones I've shown it to. And each one of them liked it. So why is it so unpopular? Unless you have other experiences?

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